Home Decor Styles That Are Commonly Used

A home is like a blank canvas, and the homeowner is the artist. The homeowner can decorate the home however they want using various decor styles. Here are some well-known home decor styles that homeowners love.

One of the most common home decor styles is the traditional interior style. This style has roots in European decor styles and features wood paneling and moldings with elaborate designs. Antique pieces and furniture paired with accessories are placed in rooms that further accent the classic look. The colors of these pieces and furniture are based on a neutral palette that has vibrancy. Cabinets are built in, there are wood and tiled floors with intricate patterns, and there are soft fabrics like cotton and expensive ones like silk.

The modern interior home decor style is heavily featured in media, but it’s often skipped over for warmer styles by homeowners. Still, the style does have an attractive look that finds its way into many homes. Modern decor focuses on a lack of ornaments and accessories and no clutter, with art taking its place. There is an asymmetrical look that is intentionally done. Furniture is often made of metal, glass, and chrome and features basic shapes with clean lines that make them look sleek and streamlined. A contrast of bold and primary colors are present, and rugs are either plain or contain geometric patterns.

Contemporary decor is a style that people often get mixed up with modern decor. The decor focuses on glass, wood, and steel with straight lines and open spaces exposed to natural light. Colors are pretty neutral to let the light play off them and have an artistic look. Wood tones are at the extremes of light and dark, and metal accent pieces are present. Layouts that use contemporary design can be a little odd in most cases, but that’s part of the charm.

Transitional decor combines the look of modern and contemporary with traditional for something that is quite unique. Designers have taken a liking to this decor style. There is a minimal focus on accessories in favor of art that catches the eye and makes an impact. Furnishings are curved have straight lacquered finishes. Colors are neutral, and metal, wood, glass, and fabric elements are used.

These home decor styles offer the right combination of colors, furnishings, materials and accessories. They look impressive and will bring an artistic life to any home.